Wall Clock Future Time FT2010OR Round black 40cm

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Future Time is a young Czech brand of wall clocks which comes to the market with clear
and fresh designs wind.
Wall clocks of Future time brand are processing by quality materials and quartz silent  movements.
They are very popular for their universal design  and nice packing like functional and
practice present for all opportunity.

Elegant and clear design of wall clocks
Second hand with silent movement
Size of clocks: 40cm
Thickness of dial: 0,5cm
Height of index on the dial: 1,5cm
Length of index: 6,5cm
Total depth: 4cm
Material of hands: chrome metal
Material of clocks: MDF
Material of index: faint metal
Quartz silent movement
Movement for AA 1,5V battery
Quarantee: 2 years

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