Designer self-adhesive wall clock Future Time FT9100SI Modular chrome 85cm

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EAN: 8594186620364

21829 Ft (ÁFA-val)
18040 Ft (ÁFA nélkül)



Future Time is the new and ambitious czech clock manufacture. Their products bring fresh air to the market…
Future Time clocks are well-known for their high-quality and only the best materials used in the process of production. All clocks are equipped with quartz clocks mechanism for a battery with non-ticking precise silent movement.
Timeless, universal design and high-quality and varnished packaging make Future Time clocks a perfect, everlasting and functional gift for various occasions.

Elegant and timeless design.
The clock is designed for the size of 85 cm, but the maximal possible size is 120 cm – see the picture in our gallery.
You can put the metal indexes according to your imagination – look for some inspiration in our gallery.
Chrome-plated hands, dial and indexes.
Pattern for installing indexes is included in the set.
Total size of the clock: 85 – 120 cm 
Dial diameter: 9,5 cm 
​Dial depth: 3 cm 

Size of self-adhesive indexes: 9×2 cm
Index depth on the wall: 1,5 cm 
Material: chrome-plated metal
Quartz mechanism for a battery with non-ticking silent movement
Guarantee: 2 years