Designer wall clock Future Time FT8010RD Numbers 30cm

Cikkszám: FT8010RD Kategória:
EAN: 8594186620296

18170 Ft (ÁFA-val)
15017 Ft (ÁFA nélkül)



Future Time is the new and ambitious czech clock manufacture. Their products bring fresh air to the market…
Future Time clocks are well-known for their high-quality and only the best materials used in the process of production. All clocks are equipped with quartz clocks mechanism for a battery with non-ticking precise silent movement.
Timeless, universal design and high-quality and varnished packaging make Future Time clocks a perfect, everlasting and functional gift for various occasions.

Elegant and modern design.
Dull, red wine colour frame made from varnished metal.
Red dial with white numbers.
White varnished metal hands.
Dial is covered with glass.
Clock diameter: 30 cm.
Clock depth: 4 cm.
Material: varnished metal/glass.
Quartz mechanism for a battery with non-ticking silent movement.
Guarantee: 2 years.